Cold Fire® is a new environmentally friendly, fire suppressing agent, leading the way in fire suppressing technology and revolutionizing the way firefighters combat fires.

Cold Fire® gets its name from its extraordinary ability to remove extreme heat from any object (metal, wood, rubber, etc.) with which it comes in contact. The suppressants in Cold Fire® are encapsulators that use water as a catalyst to remove heat and fuel from a fire more rapidly. Cold Fire® extinguishes on contact, prevents re-ignition when properly applied, and absorbs hydrocarbon smoke. The unique encapsulation characteristic also helps to minimize possible ignition of flammable liquids.

Cold Fire’s unique plant based formulation is considered to be 10 times more penetrable than water alone. This extraordinary characteristic enables Cold Fire® to penetrate a heated surface and/or fuel source 10 times faster than water. Once the product has penetrated the surface, Cold Fire® works to encapsulate the heat and fuel source. By encapsulating the fuel source, Cold Fire® simultaneously encapsulates the fuels vapors preventing reignition. As Cold Fire® penetrates the surface it safely cools the area under its flashpoint without steam conversion.

 Following Capacities of ColdFire is sold


0.90 Litres


18.93 Litres


208.19 Litres


1041 Litres

 COLDFIRE Features

  • Offers extraordinary firefighting and life-saving capabilities. 
  • UL listed Wetting Agent for Class A and B fires. UL-2N75 Listing #. 
  • EPA-SNAP (Significantly New Alternative Policy) Program listed. 
  • Biodegradable. 
  • Non-Toxic. 
  • Non-Corrosive. Can be dumped into a booster tank without threat of corrosion. You do not need to flush out your lines after using Cold Fire® as you do with most foams. 
  • 100% soluble in water. It will not separate in a booster tank. Shelf life is indefinite as long as it is stored in a closed container. 
  • Reduces the density of hydrocarbon smoke, increasing visibility and enabling easier breathing.  Rapid Cooling Effect, preventing re-ignition when property applied. 
  • Unique thermal insulation quality helps protect fire fighters and helps prevent again heat exhaustion. Keeps you cooler! 
  • Considered an acceptable substitute for toxic foams and halon. 
  • Will extinguish Class A, B and/or D fires. 
  • Enhances the penetration capability of water, extinguishing the fire faster using less water, and thereby reducing water damage. 
  • Possesses cleaning properties; thereby reducing the amount of damage caused by hydrocarbon smoke. 
  • Non-slip.


When Every Second Counts, Count on Cold Fire

Your First Line of Defense in Case of a Fire.

Cold Fire has been tested and is used by professional firefighters.


In professional applications, Cold Fire® is added to pumper apparatus, reservoirs or inducted into fire hose lines in order to attack larger conflagrations. Cold Fire® is added at given percentages depending on the nature of the combustible materials involved.


Class A:  1% to 3%

Class B:  3% to 6%

Class D:  6% to 10%

Cold Fire is extremely effective on gasoline fires and vehicle fires. When extinguishing a car fire, for example, the vehicle turns cool to the touch moments after it is extinguished. Use Cold Fire® to extinguish Class A fires of all types, including brush and grass fires.

Cold Fire can be used in 2 ½ gallon water extinguishing units for first response, in which you add 1 quart of Cold Fire® to 9 quarts water to equal a 10% solution. Cold Fire® is added last to the mixture. Pressurize the unit to 100 – 125 pounds of pressure.

Cold Fire can also be used in enclosed loop systems, sprinkler systems, and on-board systems for aviation, rail, boating and automobile industries.





Cold Fire® Aerosol Spray is a Safety Tool especially designed to extinguish flames and cool down hot surfaces rapidly. It is an excellent tool for all trade applications, which use open flame (plumbers, welders, roofers, etc.)

The Cold Fire® Aerosol Spray is a unique spray can that is solely powered by air and sprays in any direction, even upside down! It is lightweight and easy to handle.




Rapidly Cools Down Any Hot Surface in Seconds! 

Extinguishes Flames 

Pre-Spray Areas to Help Prevent the Possibility of Hidden Fires. 

Machine and Mechanic Shops – Cools Down Metals. 

Pre-Spray Sheet Metal Before Brazing – Helps Prevent Distortion. 

Cool Down Hot Cooking Surfaces. 

Keep Handy in Your Car, Workshop, Kitchen and Garage. 

Can Easily Be Carried on a Tool Belt or in a Tool Box.





Easy To Use

  • Conveniently Sized Spray Can. 
  • Easy to Store. 
  • Quick and Easy to Use. 
  • Leaves No Messy Residue. 
  • Perfect for Use in Hard-to Reach Places 
  • Sprays Upside Down!


Environmentally Safe

  • No Fumes or Noxious Odors! 
  • Safe, Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive  and Biodegradable. 
  • Non-Flammable. 
  • Powered by Ordinary Air! 
  • Harmless to Children and Pets!


Tactical Spray Can Ideal for Agencies and Governmental entities

Portable, personal fire suppression system used to replace standard dry chemical unit.

  • Cutting edge technology now available in All Season Blend.
  • Can be kept in vehicles under high heat and -50 degree temperatures.
  • New green technology that will extinguish fires quickly and cool down surfaces to the touch.
  • No residual smoke, no special training


Used by:

  • Tactical teams: for breaches, det cord fires, flash bang fires, great for use with borco torch to cool down metals. Easily carried and light weight. Can be carried on vests so hands are kept free.
  • Civil Disturbance Units: Enhance Officer Safety. Have your deployed officers equipped with Cold Fire. In the event of a thrown fire bomb they can quickly extinguish the flames keeping themselves and their partners safe. Issue one can to each officer and he will have his own personal fire suppression system.
  • Corrections: Quickly put out spot fires and keep visibility. Bomb Squads: Cold Fire will quickly extinguish Class A, B, D and K fires. Including magnesium and ethanol.